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Sectional title levies vs freehold property ownership costs

02 Sep 2019
When buying into a sectional title development, monthly levies and potential special levies are often deterring factors that could put off potential investors.

How to make the most of the latest interest rate cut

05 Aug 2019
banks cutting their prime lending rates from 10.25% to 10%.

Freehold vs SS vs Estates

01 Jul 2019
A recent report, Property Performance by Age, gives insight into the South African residential market, comparing price growth of freehold, sectional title and e

Buy to let Retirement Investment

03 Jun 2019
Buy-to-let property investing as a means of retirement savings

Buy or rent

02 May 2019
Buy or rent: what to do when financial pressure is on

Why you should use a bond originator

03 Apr 2019
Bond originators could be the solution for buyers who've had their home loan applications rejected by banks.

Demystifying the proposed Rental Amendment Act

05 Mar 2019
The new act actually highlights and remedies a number of practical and statutory weaknesses in the current act and the proposed changes will eradicate any exist

Finding the right rental property to invest in

04 Feb 2019
Purchasing a rental property is a major investment and can be a lucrative one. But before making a final decision, take a step back and do some research.

New Year's resolutions for your home

11 Jan 2019
New year, new room? Here's how to shake up your home in line with your 2019 resolutions, without breaking your budget.


03 Dec 2018
5 presale 'fix-ups' that will help you sell your home
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